Women In Design Scholarships

Women in Design Scholarship Eligibility


Selections are made by the Scholarship Committee, and are available to students at any level of study for women who are in pursuit of a degree in design related fields such as Architecture/Interior Design/ Landscape Design/ Industrial Design/ Product Design. Judgment for WiD-KC scholarships is based on need, academic excellence and demonstrated leadership. Students in internship programs are ineligible for WiD-KC Scholarships during the period of the internship.

WiD-KC Scholarships are available to full-time and part-time college student residents within the geographic area of Kansas and Missouri. (Note: other scholarships administered by KCAF are limited to residents of the greater Kansas City Metro area.) Part-time is defined as a minimum of 6 credit hours per semester. 

Consideration will be given for special circumstances as deemed appropriate by the committee. 

A student who has been awarded a scholarship previously must reapply for the next school year. 


Payment of Scholarships


Checks payable to the student are issued in August for the fall semester. Checks will be distributed at an awards ceremony hosted by the Kansas City Architectural Foundation.

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