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Culture Road.jpgAIA Kansas City wants to proactively support professionals seeking licensure. The task of passing all of the divisions of the ARE can be daunting for young professionals and candidates face many challenges in preparing for and passing the exam:

  • Coping with the high cost of study materials and preparatory seminars.
  • Finding time to study while working.
  • Maintaining the focus and energy required to pass all six divisions in a timely manner.
  • Feeling isolated by the process.
  • Feeling overwhelmed because there is no set structure for the tests.

AIA Kansas City believes our ARE Success Teams will help future architects overcome these challenges through a supportive, small group setting. Our goal is to supply free access to study materials, meeting space, administrative support, and subsidized preparatory workshops—providing candidates with the tools and support they need to make the ARE manageable and attainable.

Each ARE Success Team will be composed of six to eight Associate members. The kick-off meeting for the team is held in January each year. Team members will initially sign an agreement committing to taking the divisions in the same order and on the same schedule as the other group members within a 12 month period. They will also agree to meet at least once prior to each exam to share tips, exchange information, offer support, and commiserate with  colleagues.

AIA Kansas City will provide teams with meeting space, access to study materials, and administrative and emotional support. AIA Kansas City will also coordinate and schedule intensive study sessions for all divisions of the ARE during the 12 month period. Materials will be available so that participants can “check-out” their own copy of any of the materials available for a given division.

Each participant in the group will pass the ARE and become one step closer to becoming a licensed architect. Everyone in the group will continue to offer support to group members until every member of the group passes all divisions.


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Applications for Track One (PM, PjM, CE) will open in January, 2023. 

Applications for Track Two (PA, PPD, PDD) will open in June, 2023.

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