Legends & Leaders

This video series highlights AIA Kansas City architects and others who have helped shape the Kansas City community, lead the our chapter, and mentor new generations of designers.  


abend-photo[4444].jpgStephen Abend, FAIA


Stephen Abend, a leader in design in the Kansas City region, discusses early influence in his career, including the design lessons learned from his college mentor Leslie Laskey.  This interview will be followed up in the future with a discussion of his favorite projects, AIA Involvement and advice to young architects.

Abend Interview >



Kirk Gastinger, FAIAgastingerweb.jpg

Kirk Gastinger, FAIA, discusses influences on his career from educators, early work experiences, and as a founder of Gastinger/Walker.  As a national leader on environmental issues, Kirk describes the creation of the AIA Committee on the Environment (COTE) and other environmental activities.  Leadership on the locally initiated CUBE learning experience and work with the AIA Kansas City are also reviewed.  

Gastinger Interview >




Kivett.jpgClarence Kivett, FAIA


Clarence Kivett, FAIA, recognized as a major local force in the modern architecture style, Clarence was instrumental in the shaping of our city and in encouraging young architects to succeed. Kivett and Myers, in addition to designing major projects in Kansas City, served as a platform for the creation of over forty local and regional architectural firms, an achievement in which Kivett took pride.  Current perspectives from leaders that worked with him are provided in this video along with a 1989 KCPT Skylines interview lead by Linda Young.

Kivett Interview >


Tom photo slideweb.jpgTom Nelson, FAIA

Tom reflects on his AIA involvement, Linda Young, and the success of BNIM. Among the wide range of architectural projects Tom has designed, Tom talks about the entry to the Kansas City Zoo and the transition space between the original Nelson-Atkins building and the new addition as two of his favorites.

Nelson Interview >



Vernon photo copy.jpgVernon Reed, FAIA

Vernon Reed, FAIA,  discusses his early interests in architecture, studies at the University of Arkansas, practice experiences, and his involvements with the AIA.  Vernon was instrumental at the national AIA level as a Board Member,  and in fostering the adoptions of copyright laws protecting the intellectual property of our work.

Reed Interview >


kite singleton web.jpg​​​Kite Singleton, FAIA

Kite Singleton, FAIA, recaps early international influences and work, leading to the formation of Abend/Singleton Associates.  His perspectives on public service and the challenges of ​implementing public transportation are explored along with an interest in reinvigorating areas in mid-town and the northeast areas of Kansas City.

Singleton Interview >



SwallowJ2_BW.jpgJoy Swallow, FAIA


Joy Swallow discusses the creation and success of the UMKC programs in architecture and planning. She highlights the contributions of Ted Seligson, FAIA and others along with her perspective on involvement with the AIA.

Swallow Interview >



HLW 2015 copy.jpgHomer williams, FAIA


What is it like to live in a Frank Lloyd Wright home? Hear Homer's saga related to the Bott house. Homer talks about his national leadership on the NCARB accrediting organization. Reflections on his early career and his decision to pursue a doctorate in architecture round out this discussion.

Williams Interview > 


Linda Young Web.jpgLinda Ervin Young, Hon. AIA


Susan Mosby and Vernon Reed, FAIA, discuss the passing of Linda Young, Hon. AIA, one of the most effective executive directors of our chapter.  Excerpts of Linda’s 1980’s interviews from the KCPT Skylines program include many of our chapter leaders including Clarence Kivett, James Calcara, Bruce Patty, Dean and Ginny Graves, and others.

Young Interview >

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