Continuing Education

Continuing education is required for all registered architects who practice in the state of Kansas and Missouri and are members of AIA. Both states require architects to complete continuing education for licensure, while the AIArequires it for membership. Each is recorded separately, but can be interchanged, within certain guidelines.

Kansas requires 30 hours of continuing education biannually. For more information visit the Kansas State Board of Technical Professions.

Missouri requires 24 hours, 16 of which need to be HSW biannually. For more information visit the Missouri State Board of Registration.

AIA requires 18 LU Hours, with 12 hours in HSW annually, due the end of the calendar year.

In 2012, AIA members will only be able to self-report learning unit credits. To obtain HSW credits, members must take courses through AIA CES registered providers. These courses may be taken through traditional, face-to-face classroom learning, or virtual learning.

Continuing Education opportunities

AIA Kansas City Programs
AIA Kansas City offers a number of Continuing Education opportunities each year through our Nooniversities and half and full-day seminars. Check out our calendar for a list of upcoming events. All Nooniversity programs and Continuing Education Seminars are approved for credit.

Our industry changes every day. New ideas, technology, materials, business opportunities, and more are constantly emerging. AIAU makes it easy to keep up—offering learning units (LUs) on the topics you need to stay current, the tactics and trending issues that affect your practice, and the ideas you crave for inspiration.

AIAU features rigorously-curated content for architects, designers, builders, and others working in our diverse and evolving field. These online courses supplement events in your community, giving you learning you can access any time of day, from any place in the world with an Internet connection.

Reporting Credits

Kansas and Missouri automatically accepts all registered and approved AIA courses.

AIA will accept all registered and approved courses by AIA Registered Providers, (AIA Kansas City is a Registered Provider). Courses by non-AIA Providers or Self-Designed Activities can be submitted online at AIA/CES Self-Report Form.

AIA Kansas City only registers its programs with the AIA, and not with each state.

There are no transcripts for the state. All architects are responsible for retaining proof of participation in all CE courses; which should be retained for three years following renewal. Most states will accept a copy of your AIAtranscript.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Self Designed Activity and Self-Reported Programs?
Self-Designed Activity is an educational activity designed by the learner, such as reading, viewing videos and using CD-ROMS. It is acceptable for HSW credit and recommended for a minimum of three hours. Self-Reported Program is a structured activity offered by non-AIA Registered Providers. Documentation of attendance/participation is required when reporting this as a state licensure requirement.

What qualifies for Health, Safety and Welfare?
Health is aspects of architecture that have salutary effects among users of buildings or sites and address environmental issues.

Safety is aspects of architecture intended to limit or prevent accidental injury or death among users of buildings or sites.

Welfare is aspects of architecture that engender positive emotional responses among, or enable equal access by, users of buildings or sites.

Is the 12 Hour HSW requirement in addition to the 18 LUH’s for AIA?
No. Even though AIA records by Learning Unit Hours, they require that 12 hours of the 18 LUH’s be in HSW.

Who can I contact if I have a question?


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