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DRAW Architecture + Urban Design

DRAW is a multi-disciplinary architecture firm. We think, speak and design differently from other
firms—an expression of two singular characteristics that, in combination, define us as a firm:
Empathy + Activism. When these core drivers come together—deep listening and bold action—
they translate to projects that challenge convention and result in what we describe as “positive
impact design”.

We harness each project’s potential through a radically resourceful process. Using innovative
technology, our collective creativity and deep expertise, we build upon the resources of our
clients, communities, and building sites. Every step of the way, we steward our clients’ financial
resources to make budgets go farther. The result of this process is refreshingly simple: inspired
places for people to gather and connect.




214 W. 21st Street, Suite 200
Kansas City, MO 64108


(816) 531 8303



Dominique Davison, AIA
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