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Vanderslice Hall: South Terrace and Gallery Renovation

Originally built in 1895 as a residence, Vanderslice Hall serves as the Administration and Welcoming Center for the Kansas City Art Institute.  A multi-phase renovation is underway with the goal of capturing the spirit and comfort of the original home while integrating contemporary needs for greeting, meeting and working.  In response, the design delicately balances historic character with lightness and intimacy.   

As the project’s second phase, a major renovation transformed two galleries and adjacent terrace into showcase spaces for meetings and events.  The Gallery design focuses on creating elegant, multi-functional spaces that conceal acoustical treatments and technology required for true flexibility.   The Terrace design treats the outdoor space as a distinct room and creates a physical connection to the Galleries by converting windows into patio doors.  A lightly detailed steel trellis spans the Terrace and supports a retractable sunshade. A quietly integrated ramp, provides previously non-existent accessibility to the building.

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Architecture XSmall: Citation


Kansas City Art Institute


Kansas City, MO

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