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Synergy Children's Center

A 100-year-old farmhouse on a wooded six-acre site was donated to nonprofit Synergy Services to expand their ability to serve children who have suffered abuse or neglect. The design team’s concept for the expansion was derived from the presence of the historic home and wooded site to create a structure that is reminiscent of a camp or cabin. The design strips away the institutional feel of the typical shelter and communicates to the children that they deserve a place that is beautiful and built for them.

The addition matches the height of the two-story farmhouse and was designed as an imperfect shape, as if a child drew a house. Tilted roof-pitches allow for natural light to fill the courtyard and interior spaces. Common pathways inside the addition were designed to always be on axis with exterior views of the trees on the site, drawing the outside colors and texture inwards.

Award Name

Architecture Small: Merit


Synergy Services


Kansas City, MO

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