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St. Peter’s Parish Multipurpose Space

Needing a new multi-function gathering space at this historic Catholic parish, the little-used passage between the 1920s era school and the 1940s era church was identified as the home of the new 2,900 square-foot Multipurpose Space.

Preserving the architectural integrity of the original campus was paramount to the parish, and great care was taken to conceive a design solution worked harmoniously with the existing structures.

With its simple language of structural silicon-glazed curtain wall, concrete columns, and timber roof structure, the addition is intended to be as transparent as possible, deferring to and visually linking the existing stone structures and providing new interior gathering space that serves students, educators, and parishioners alike.

By day the crystalline box reflects the surrounding neighborhood and its many trees. By night the boundaries seem to disappear and the warmly glowing timber roof shelters an inviting space that beckons the community into its very heart.

Award Name

Architecture Small: Merit


Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph; St. Peter's Parish


Kansas City, MO

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