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Seaton Hall Addition and Renovation

Formerly a disjointed complex built and expanded between 1872 and 1959, the Seaton Hall Renovation + Expansion, College of Architecture, Planning, and Design includes the renovation of two historic buildings (including Mechanics Hall, the oldest standing university building in Kansas) and a new 65,000 sf addition that connects the buildings into a singular, expanded facility. Challenged to establish consistency in space and rhythm between new and old, the design team re-organized the buildings with large, open interdisciplinary design labs lining the east of the complex, buffered from the main corridor by a north-south oriented “spine” of support spaces. The new design focuses on opportunities to promote cross-pollination within open, porous, and didactic spaces including 49 studios, 17 dedicated critique and 18 informal collaboration classrooms, 40 faculty offices, digital teaching lab, design library, design gallery, 20,000 sf fab lab, 300-person auditorium, exterior amphitheater, and commons that engage the university community.

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Architecture XLarge: Merit





Kansas State University


Manhattan, KS

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