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Modern Weave

Our big idea was to "upholster" a chair in a different way while providing comfort & pattern through a richness of materials. With such an iconic chair, our goal was to not f*ck it up.

We investigated the appropriate pattern, hole diameter, weave material/size, and how they added comfort to the chair. The original exploration featured 0.25" diameter felt cord woven in a simplified 'wicker' pattern flowing from the top of the backrest to the front edge of the seat. This chair that won the Eames Good Design Challenge.

Understanding the seat is the primary area of interaction and where upholstery is traditionally found on side chairs, we set out to refine the pattern and reduce the amount of material removed/added. This challenge led to us creating a pattern that was minimal and comfortable. The result is a refined 'linear' pattern that creates an elegant visual from every angle...even the bottom.

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Divine Detail: Merit






Kansas City, MO

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