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Michie Stadium

Within the US Military Academy at West Point, surrounded by the natural beauty of northern New York, Michie Stadium attracts thousands of visitors. Each competition at Michie Stadium provides all spectators the opportunity to witness the foundation of the Academy - The West Point Cadet.

Every game is preceded by a march of cadets onto the field. The design concept focuses around this foundation, creating a building that respond directly towards the Cadets. Visitors witness the cadets procession into the stadium with improved gameday  viewing opportunities.

The design combines historic materiality of West Point and the simple forms and detailing at the existing stadium to create a new image for Michie Stadium recognizing the history of this special place while speaking to today’s and tomorrow's Army. The scheme allows the main building mass to be raised above maximized open area below to facilitate connection between stadium,visitor, place, and tradition.

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Concept: Citation




United States Military Academy


West Point, NY

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