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Lutheran Church of Hope-Grimes

The church is a satellite of a multi-campus Evangelical Lutheran Church in Iowa. 

The site is part of a planned residential and commercial development focused on walkability and community. The site topography and orientation allowed the building to be placed near the center of the site and oriented toward a regional storm water pond stocked with fish, an informal outdoor worship space, and vehicular round-a-bout. Worshippers enter the building from a modest one story “porch” on the east.

The building is shaped with two volumes. The darker form is crafted with clay tiles and serves as the vessel where larger worship and education functions reside. The lower single-story white, metal clad-form serves as a support bar to the worship form. The cross stands as a third element in the composition. Gathering spaces, educational facilities, and a flexible 400-seat worship space enable residents to grow and connect with the surrounding community.

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Architecture Medium: Merit




Lutheran Church of Hope


Grimes, IA

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