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Joplin Early Childhood Center

Every material, finish and design decision was made to ease the transition from home to school.

“Where it all begins” was the district’s vision for the design team. Every student in Joplin will begin their learning journey in this facility, and because of this, the design needed to support a cozy, nurturing environment for a child’s first organized educational experience. 

The scale and structures in the building reference the roof slopes of houses making the facility feel more like a home than a school. Materials and finishes in warm tones and strategic accent colors reinforce this homey feeling. 

A “Learning Grove,” immerses children in a forest of trees and critters, similar to the feeling of their own backyard. This central piece of the school connects indoor and outdoor exploration and creates ease of circulation for all users. This energy extends into every square foot of Joplin Early Childhood Center.

Award Name

Interior Architecture: Citation


Joplin School District


Joplin, MO

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