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Highlander Accelerator

Located in North Omaha, Nebraska, the Highlander Accelerator answers an aspirational challenge to provide a community accustomed to unremarkable architecture with exceptional design. It is a combination of a complex, dynamic program; a topographically complicated site; a set of contextual issues involving social wrongs embedded in the history of urban planning of American cities; a client who is investing a significant amount of his own capital, effort, credibility and pride into the project, and; a wide array of stakeholders. The Highlander Accelerator is a city within a building. It is a home to the community with front doors on all sides, open to all and approachable in every respect. As part of a master planned community, the Accelerator is a neighborhood catalyst that provides a place for public events, entrepreneurship, urban aquaponics, education, community-building, business incubation and soul food.

Award Name

Architecture Large: Project of the Year; Honor


Seventy Five North Revitalization Corp


Omaha, NE

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