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Hass Darr Hall

At a university dedicated to providing education to many first-generation college students from surrounding rural areas of southern Missouri, the campus had been successfully supporting students’ educational needs but lacked a central gathering place for its predominantly commuter students. By salvaging a ramshackle post office, the campus now provides desperately needed study areas and social spaces for its growing student enrollment.

This 20,000 sf facility combines admissions offices, honors classes, tutoring classes, student veterans, college bookstore, and student center all under one roof, prominently located along Missouri Avenue, the primary street through campus. With construction costs at $232/sf, the architecture is straightforward, utilizing corrugated metal wall panels to achieve a shimmering skin inspired by the Grizzlies mascot. South-facing glass is protected by a broad overhang extending the student union to the exterior and pointing toward the academic core of campus.

Award Name

Architecture Medium: Citation


Missouri State University - West Plains


West Plains, MO

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