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Fayetteville High School Phase I

The new Fayetteville High School will be built in two phases. The first phase houses new administration, cafeteria, performing arts, and athletic facilities. The second phase will house primarily academic facilities, allowing for the integration of 9th grade and will be complete by the summer of 2015. The existing school was a conglomeration of buildings without an identity , but the new high school presents a unified design. Using a material palette of box-ribbed metal panels, and locally quarried stone, the school now has a unified identity and re-establishes its place in the community. Serving both educational and a civic role, the new high school features simplified circulation and improved security built around a public plaza and pedestrian green street. This entry plaza is flanked by the most public aspects of the school, the competition gymnasium and the performing arts, illustrating the relationship of school to the community.

Award Name

2014 Design Excellence Awards


DLR Group

Marlon Blackwell Architect

Hight Jackson Associates


Fayetteville, AR

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