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Excelsior Springs Community Center

The unique site played a significant role in the logistics of spatial distribution. Rather than flatten the undulating site, programmatic elements stepped down the hillside. The result is a vertical organization of program spaces along a ramping ‘circulation spine,’ permitting unobstructed procession and visibility to the various floor elevations.

The concept of the interior contemplates the human body. The body’s concealed systems (muscular, skeletal, circulatory) and a building’s concealed systems (m/e/p, structural) are essential to function. Rather than conceal these systems, as designs often do, the decision was made to celebrate their contributions. To heighten the sense of wonder, each system was provided a particular color from a palette inspired by nature (specifically sky and water) which also aids in wayfinding. To heighten a sense of identity, the use of textured materials and supergraphics were used at select areas throughout the center.

Award Name

Interior Architecture: Citation


City of Excelsior Springs, MO


Excelsior Springs, MO

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