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College of Nursing Building Modifications

Considered one of the most powerful architectural statements on the University of Iowa campus, the monumental Nursing Building is a brutalist mid-century modern structure constructed in 1971. While the original structure makes a significant and timeless architectural statement, the spaces inside had, over time, become dated and ineffective in their purpose. Moreover, the original interior plan featured an interior perimeter corridor that relegated classroom, lab, and office spaces to the building’s core, windowless and with little to no natural light. For the renovation, the design team focused on a key imperative to give light back to the students and faculty. The perimeter circulation became commons areas, and natural light was introduced to nearly all occupiable spaces through rigorous spatial reconfiguration and floor-to-ceiling glass partitions for labs and classrooms. Programming includes an entry lobby, offices, dean’s suite, classrooms, student commons, a diversity resource center, student success center, and administration spaces.

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Architecture Medium: Citation




University of Iowa


Iowa City, Iowa

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