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Citizens of the World Charter School

Initiated by a grass roots organization, Citizens of the World Charter School (CWC) grew from a conversation between parents into a newly established K-3 charter school in 18 short months.  The design and construction, completed in 12 weeks, consists of a full interior renovation to a prominent mid-century modern office building.  Working from CWC’s core educational model, the design employs form and materiality to reinforce three main goals:  FOCUSED LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS, are supported through the quietness of monochromatic color palettes //  COMMUNITY, is promoted by strategically located glass partitions and adjacencies to create spatial layering between multiple spaces //  NEIGHBORHOOD CONNECTIONS, are manifested through the shifting and stacking of classroom blocks that open large vistas to the exterior and bring daylight deep into the building. 

Award Name

Interior Architecture: Merit




Kansas City, MO

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