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Asilong Christian High School

After ten new regional water wells brought peace to West Pokot along the Ugandan border, the community identified education as the next critical need.  Until now, eighth grade graduates had no place to continue their education within Asilong. From this, the vision for the campus was born. The design of each building has taken clues from their indigenous forms and materials, adapted for increased integrity and durability, and responsive to the regional climate: stronger bricks, confined masonry for the seismic zone, large elevated roof planes for acoustics and shade from the harsh sun, and simple forms. New jobs have been created as well. To date, two classroom buildings are in use for academics and dormitories, along with housing for eight staff members (individual sleeping rooms with common areas for dining/recreation). In addition to on-site water and solar collection, crops and livestock support the over-arching goal of a self-sustaining campus.  

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Asilong Community


Asilong, West Pokot, Kenya

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