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4200 Penn Adaptive Reuse

This project revives a long vacant structure that was once a landmark in the historic Westport District of Kansas City. Simultaneously, the project demonstrates the tenant’s continued commitment to the vitality of Westport and the incremental development of the broader community.

Inspired to create a space that facilitates the tenant’s vision for a progressive design practice, the 1925 era building has been adapted into a modern workplace. The space fosters creativity and enables the entrepreneurial spirit that exists within the tenant to manifest in physical space.

The two-story studio caters to a broader range of working styles, taking advantage of the original structure’s unique bones to provide a variety of intelligent work environments. These environments feature a makerspace, a communal social zone for casual gatherings, a loft in the trusses for heads down space, an outdoor patio along remnants of historic trolley tracks, and natural lighting from all four directions.

Award Name

Interior Architecture: Citation


Niebur Development


Kansas City, MO

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