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BRR Architecture, Inc.

BRR designs the built environments people use every day. From shopping, shipping, working or relaxing, our design solutions elevate the daily human experience. We are a national design firm that collaborates with clients to produce retail, grocery, hospitality, industrial and corporate environment projects across the U.S. Our firm provides full-scope architectural design services, including schematic design, virtual reality, prototype development and rollout, interior design, codes review, construction document production and more. Since founding in Kansas City in 1963, BRR has expanded to 11 offices in Bentonville, Phoenix, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Austin, Seattle, Dallas, Miami and Los Angeles, and employs 300 team members nationwide.




8131 Metcalf Ave., Ste. 300
Overland Park, KS 66204


(913) 262 9095



James Hailey, AIA
Rich Majors, AIA
John Frank, AIA
Andrew Maass, AIA
Mariah Meyer, AIA
Dave Schukai, AIA
Boyd Rau, AIA
Shad Vermeesch, AIA
Mike Galloway, AIA
Robert Ciston, AIA
Megan Whitman, AIA
Ty Holcomb, AIA
Patrick Burke, AIA
Brian Roggy, AIA
Ryan Rosche, AIA
Mark Scherrer, AIA
Carol Bartolo, AIA
Dan Popp, AIA
Rachel Taylor
Joan Redhair
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