July 08, 2020

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BranchPattern WEBINAR: Reducing Viral Transmission in Buildings: How to Use The Flu Infection Risk Estimator™

10:00 AM
Zoom | Zoom Kansas City, MO 64108 Map

In June 2020, BranchPattern launched the Flu Infection Risk EstimatorTM to help customers understand how the transfer of diseases, like influenza-A, in enclosed spaces can affect health and productivity in the built environment.

This estimator will help customers quantify health and productivity, while driving the decision-making process to be more inclusive of features that impact wellness, energy-efficiency and sustainability.

To help users better understand how to use the estimator's functionality for maximum benefit, creator Marcel Harmon will host a live webinar to guide participants through the mechanics of the tool and answer any questions.

Key Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand how wellness, energy-efficiency and sustainability in the built environment affect tenant health and productivity.
  2. Comprehend and be able to use the Flu Infection Risk EstimatorTM that can assess building conditions and report the viral transmission rate as an outcome.
  3. Identify how to create healthy, high-quality indoor environments while improving design standards.
  4. Understand how building owners can quantify health and productivity in the built environment by using the Flu Infection Risk EstimatorTM.


Marcel Harmon, Senior Associate, PhD, PE, WELL AP, LEED AP O+M

Dannie DiIonno, Associate, LEED GA

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