April 25, 2019

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BEC: HVAC Interaction with Building Enclosure Systems, People and Space

6:00 PM
The Builders' Association Education & Training Center | 105 W 12th Ave North Kansas City, MO 64116 Map

The Building Enclosure Council of Kansas City is pleased to announce our next session on Thursday April 25th.  Our guest speaker will be Paul Totten, PE, LEED AP, Vice President, Practice Leader – Building Enclosures at WSP in Washington, D.C.      

The session will focus on HVAC Interaction with Building Enclosure Systems, People and Space.

Many building types are designed, especially in the commercial office field, as a cold dark shell where interior tenant fit out will occur later.  Many aspects of the fit out such as final HVAC system layout, partition wall locations, location of larger assembly spaces like conference rooms or other amenities may not be fully defined at the same time as the core and shell.  If tenant spaces are designed separately from the core and shell, the disconnect between the two designs may unintentionally impact the comfort of the interior space where it does not perform at a high level.

As people utilize and move through the space, they are constantly being impacted by the building physics of the interior environment.  This includes moisture and heat transfer across their skin.  Clothing and footwear can impact a person’s overall comfort within the space based on how heat transfers through these and in some cases, moisture load within the space.  System furniture, layout of structure, and HVAC system type and distribution can also affect a person’s comfort by adversely impacting the intended building enclosure performance.  As the art and science of building design becomes more complex, it is necessary for designers to maintain a suitable proficiency in both these spheres and understand how different building systems interact.  The wealth of scientific and technical data relating to the performance of buildings is one of contemporary architecture’s primary assets.  This presentation will cover the aspects of heat, air, and moisture transfer that impact our built environment, and the interaction of HVAC with interior spaces, enclosure systems, and people.  The presenter will use examples from several projects to identify the concerns and practical solutions that can be implemented to improve a person’s comfort within interior spaces.

The session is open to all trades and professions related to building design, construction, maintenance and property management. Architects, Building Structural Engineers, General Contractors and Glazing Contractors are encouraged to attend.

We expect a full house so please RSVP no later than noon on April 23. This presentation is eligible for (0) CEU credits. 


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