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Monday, July 21, 2014

Call for Entries | AIA Kansas City Sports Venue Award

AIA Kansas City is excited to announce the Call for Submissions for the Sport Venue Award. This is the second year for this award.

Sport Venue Award
Kansas City is considered the home of sports architecture, and this new award has been established by AIA Kansas City to recognize the distinctive talent and breadth of impact Kansas City-based sports venue designers have around the world. It is an award unique to AIA Kansas City and an opportunity for our world travelers to be celebrated here at home. This award seeks design excellence in national and international arena and stadium design, and may include achievement and innovation in urban planning, architecture, interior design and technology specific to sports venues.

Find the Submission Requirements above. Submissions Due August 25, 2014

Monday, July 21, 2014

Call for Entries | 2015 Institute Honor Awards

For more than 60 years, the Institute Honor Awards program has recognized achievements for a broad range of architectural activity to elevate the general quality of architecture practice, establish a standard of excellence against which all architects can measure performance, and inform the public of the breadth and value of architecture practice.

To bring the Institute Honor Awards programs into closer alignment with the AIA’s core values surrounding sustainability, submissions are now required to include a narrative describing how sustainable design and building performance strategies have been integrated with the project’s broader design goals and include basic sustainability data for energy, community connectivity, water efficiency, and materials.

Click here to learn more.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Call for Speakers | AIA Wisconsin Workshop

AIA Wisconsin’s annual Fall Workshop is scheduled for Friday, November 7 in Madison, WI, and the chapter has invited AIA Kansas City to send one of our members to share expertise and best practices. Their sessions focus on the power of water as it impacts design (think of lakes, rivers, oceans, even natural disasters involving water). Site Planning, Water Shed Impact, and Wetland Resources are other potential session topics. Madison is the “City of Lakes,” as well as a beloved college town and a state capitol, so this could be an enjoyable experience, both professionally and personally.

Please contact me no later than July 31 if you are interested in this opportunity: 816-979-3180 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

July 1 x 4
Monday, July 14, 2014

July 1 x 4

1 × 4 is an on-going series, where we pose one question to four of our members of various backgrounds in an effort to engage, enlighten and inspire. It’s an effort to dig deeper into what it means to be an architect and to investigate how practice and the profession continues to evolve. If you wish to participate in the conversation email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

This month’s question:

What are 3 skills that every architect needs in their toolkit?

Sarah Klittich, AIA | Populous

The ability to ask the right questions. One of the greatest challenges in design is making sure that you are equipped to make the proper decisions. Clients should be able to depend on their architect to ask the right questions that will lead to the desired outcome. During the programming phase for the Atlanta Braves new ballpark, we interviewed various user groups; their answers helped inform the goals and priorities that are driving our design.

Versatility. Being an architect is anything but predictable. A number of factors affect our daily activities, whether it be a late design change from the client or a construction-related “surprise.” Although difficult at times, I think these challenges stimulate critical thinking and allow me to use creative problem solving to find the optimal solution.

An open mind. The perfect design doesn’t always happen on the first try. It is imperative that architects are willing to explore multiple options for design problems. There is always more than one way to solve the challenge. Keeping an open mind and exploring new possibilities often leads to a more successful end result.

Gayle Walton, Associate AIA | GLMV Architecture

Communication, the ability to read construction documents and flexibility.

You need to be able to communicate with the client, the consultants and your architectural team, if you cannot, important information will be left out of the Project and people will become frustrated. I think as an architect if you have good communication skills your Project will run smoothly.

If you have the ability to read construction documents then you have the ability to do your job well, that probably is an obvious statement, but there are many that don’t possess this skill. You should be able to read construction drawings for all disciplines. This is one of the first skills I believe you should learn as you start your career.

You need to be flexible because deadlines get changed, projects change and you have to be able to adjust to all these changes to get the job done accurately and on time.

Greg Sheldon, FAIA | BNIM

For me, the 3 skills that every architect needs in their toolkit are (while making us sound like computers) those required to be able to manage the unique ways we have to receive input, process information and provide output:

Receive Input: It isn’t enough to look at our surroundings, we really need to be able to see things, things well beyond the obvious, and it isn’t enough to hear what others say, we need to truly listen, finding the meaning between the words.

Process Information: We, rather uniquely, need to be able to think through a wide range of issues, from broad ideas to tiny details, moving back-and-forth between the abstract and the specific, in a fast and fluid manner.

Provide Output: We need to be able to communicate through a variety of means, graphics, models, writing and speaking, and do so in a range of ‘languages’ for an audience as varied as other architects, consultants, clients, users, builders and the general public.

While an individual’s specific personal skills may vary, having a toolkit of skills to manage each of the three above, as an individual or as a team, is essential to producing great architecture.

Matt Murphy, AIA | RMTA

Skills equal success in this profession. Computer knowledge, documentation aptitude, etc. are necessary and, to a great degree, define how we are utilized and our performance evaluated within our firms. However, these are utilitarian must-haves, not what defines a person or their career. I see more value in experiences had along the way and advice received, not the mastery of REVIT 2014. My personal list of essential “skills” comes in the form of quips and advice I have gathered over the years. A few include:

o “You gotta wanna.” —Mr. Mueller, my school teacher who demanded students have passion.
o Hard work is knowledge.
o Give time and effort beyond the normal work day.
o Be relentless in your pursuits, even if it means being annoying.
o Pass the ARE as soon as possible.
o You have a mentor. You are a mentor. Realize those opportunities.
o Take responsibility for the future of your profession.
o Know your role, then ask for more. Titles are meaningless.
o Apply for salaried and volunteer positions you are not (on paper) qualified for.
o Find your perspective.
o Know your shelf life and understand when it’s time to turn the page.
o Look fondly upon those who have tripped you up.
o Be honest with people. Be brutally honest with your friends.
o Join groups. Expand your network. Make lasting connections.
o Hand out business cards at every opportunity.
o Don’t let a non-NAAB degree prevent you from becoming licensed. Where you earned your degree from is valid, even if it doesn’t fall within NCARB’s ‘rules.’ I have a pre-professional accredited fine arts degree.
o “It’s just a job.” No, it’s not. Love what you do and keep your head in the clouds.
o Find ways to evoke people’s passions.
o Accept praise only if you are onto the next task.
o “You will never make any money in the arts.” Not true.
o This profession follows the trade track: apprenticeship, journeyman and master. All of these take years of experience to achieve.
o Remember who you love and thank everyone, always, for everything.

Monday, July 14, 2014

AIA Missouri Board Lends Support to Important Legislation

Governor Jay Nixon signed HCS SCS SB 809 into law on June 30, 2014. These provisions become law on August 28, 2014. HCS/SCS/SB 809 modifies various provisions of law regarding the licensing of architects, professional engineers, professional land surveyors, and professional landscape architects. An enormous amount of work to support this bill was done by AIA Missouri board of directors, led by AIA Missouri’s legislative consultant, Kathi Harness. Read full details on the new law and other updates from Jefferson City here.

Monday, July 14, 2014

NCARB | NCARB announces IDP credit for hours completed beyond six months

A big change has happened to the Intern Development Program (IDP)! As of 1 July 2014, interns are able to earn credit for experiences that occurred up to five years ago. Any experiences beyond the current reporting requirement of six months (plus the two-month grace period), will be valued at 50 percent. Anything beyond five years will be ineligible for credit. For example, if you earned 100 hours under Sc hematic Design in 2012, you will receive 50 hours of IDP credit for that experience.

“This adjustment creates a parallel with our Architect Registration Examination rule for honoring examination results for five years, emphasizing a consistent position that activity along the licensure path holds its value for five years,” said NCARB President Blakely C. Dunn, AIA, NCARB. He added that by preserving a 100 percent value for experience earned and reported within eight months, interns will continue to be incentivized to report their experience a timely manner.

The NCARB Board of Directors approved the policy change at their meeting preceding the NCARB Annual Business Meeting in Philadelphia. For more information on the updated reporting requirement, click here.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Call for Entries | CPG 2014 Excellence in Concrete Awards

It’s time! Accepting entries for the CPG 2014 Excellence in Concrete Awards. The Concrete Promotional Group recognizes excellence in concrete construction in the Greater Kansas City Area.

The Call for Entries usually goes out the beginning of August each year, but this year we’ve released the forms three weeks earlier, to give you additional time to enter project(s) you feel are special and deserving. The Hard Deadline for entry is September 15, 2014, no extensions.

More information & Entry Form

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Missouri Architects Political Action Committee | Why Participate in MAPAC?

Why participate in MAPAC?
MAPAC provides a conduit to support political candidates, causes, legislation, and initiatives that promote the architectural profession, practice and education.
MAPAC contributions foster relationships with lawmakers through interactions at political fundraising events and individual meetings.
 Contributions given to MAPAC are an investment in Architecture, Architects and their future in Missouri.

Current Missouri legislative efforts and issues:
Building Codes in Third and Fourth class counties: AIA Missouri will pursue legislation in the 2015 session to allow all third and fourth class counties to be able legally to adopt a building code by a vote of the people. While we would prefer a statewide building code, we realize this will require a lengthy education campaign to inform the public that building codes protect and secure their health, safety and welfare.

Design Build for Political Subdivisions: We will likely face Design-Build legislation in the 2015 legislative session. In the past, these have circumvented Qualification Based Selection (QBS) statutes for the selection of Design Professionals. AIA Missouri has opposed several such efforts in the past, and been successful in defeating attempts to move away from the delivery method for public money currently allowed by State Statute – Design-Bid-Build.

Ready to respond to unforeseen issues: Every year, we see legislation filed that has the potential to affect every licensed professional in some way. AIA Missouri diligently reviews legislation and is ready to promote or oppose legislation as needed to protect our profession, as well as the Health, Safety and Welfare of the citizens of Missouri.

Make your donation on the MAPAC web page or you can send your donation to: P. O. Box 105938 – Jefferson City, MO 65110

Questions? Contact the AIA MO Office – 573-635-8555 – .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Monday, July 7, 2014

Call for Entries | AIA Kansas City Design Excellence

The Best of AIA Kansas City 2014 Design Awards program was announced this week with the Call for Entries. The program is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate our individual projects and to further our chapter’s on-going reputation for excellence in design!

Click here to enter your projects today!

Call for Entries are due July 21.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Call for Volunteers | Prep-KC

With just two hours of your time, you can partner with PREP-KC to inspire KC’s urban high school students by sharing your career story. PREP-KC partners with five of Kansas City’s urban school districts to prepare students for college and careers. Join PREP-KC for the events listed below to share your career story – help students learn about your industry and spark their interest in careers in your field. Please feel free to forward this invitation to others who might be interested.

During the 2013-14 school year, PREP-KC created college & career-readiness experiences for 4,001 students in partnership with 643 professionals from 172 businesses & 26 postsecondary institutions. PREP-KC is recruiting additional volunteers to meet the growing demand for the following Career Jumping experiences.

Career Jumping is a fast-paced career exploration experience (set-up like speed dating) where professionals talk with 3-5 students at a time to share their career story. PREP-KC is seeking volunteers from ALL career fields for each event:

Monday, August 11, 9:00-11:00 at Wyandotte High School (Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools)
Tuesday, August 12, 9:00-10:30 at Allen Village Charter School
Tuesday, September 16, 8:45-10:20 at Grandview High School (Grandview School District)
Friday, October 3, 11:00-1:00 at Harmon High School (Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools)
Thursday, November 6, 10:45-12:15 at Center High School (Center School District)

To RSVP or learn more, contact Beth McCarthy at PREP-KC at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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